Lisbon DAO

Lisbon DAO is a group focused on representing, funding, and supporting local crypto initiatives in Lisbon.

Our goal is to give back to the city we live in and to make sure we represent the crypto community in a positive light. We believe community is not about taking but giving back. We'll be championing initiatives that show off how special and unique crypto can be to the local community. This means bridging crypto into the local Lisbon community.

One key focus we’ll have is integrating our world of crypto with the local community, by teaching and giving tools to empower self-agency and value generation.

This community will be about celebrating crypto and sharing it, not business interests.

This is an Ethereum community initiative but all other ecosystems are also welcome in collaborating with us.

Co-signed by:

  • Felipe Duarte, Summoner of the DAOist, Co-owner of Plantasia
  • Jonathan 'raging', Creator of Bittrees, Co-owner of Plantasia
  • David Mihal, Organiser of Liscon, Co-initiator of Offchain City
  • Steven MacKay, President da Direcçao of Arroz Estúdios
  • Stefan George, Co-founder of Gnosis, Co-creator of FullNode Lisbon
  • Christopher Heymann, Co-founder of 1kx, Co-organiser of EthLisbon
  • Peter 'pet3rpan', 1kx/MetaCartel, helper of LisbonDAO


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